About the Site

What’s the easiest way to browse through the comics?
If you’d like to browse only the comics, from the beginning, click on the “Comics” category, then click “Comic #1” at the top—this will add a “smart navigation” to the top of each post so you can browse just the comics (you must be logged in and have cookies enabled. If you are not logged in you will see a cached page). This trick works with all categories and tags—you can browse only the PG-rated comics by clicking PG, then Comic #1.¬†
How do I subscribe?
You can subscribe a bunch of different ways! If you use an RSS reader you can click the RSS button in the header. You can “like” us on Facebook and each new comic will appear in your news feed (you can turn off updates but please “like” us anyway because it helps get the word out!). Finally, you can subscribe through email by entering your email address in the sidebar. This will send each comic directly to your email inbox! Remember, many of the comics have quizzes, so it’s definitely worth visiting the site to participate in the discussion!
When do you post the answers to the quizzes?
I don’t post the answers; it’s up to you to discuss the quizzes in the comments. With grammar, sometimes there is no right answer—see the disclaimer.
How do I get an avatar next to my name in the comments?
Sign up for a gravatar account—most WordPress sites use them, so it’ll show up on all of those sites, too. It may not show up until you post again, so be patient.

About the Comic

Where did the idea for The Grammar Block come from?
Please see Comic #6: Apposition Wanted; it’s explained there.
Where did the name come from?
It sounds obvious because the characters are blocks, but it actually referred to the (probably two-minute) block of time a generic kids show devoted to the grammar segment (in the fictional block universe). That’s why the blocks say, “hey kids!” and sometimes the kids yell back. But it could also mean the city block they all live on. Himmelhoney suggested it could be like writer’s block (e.g., “I can’t think of the conjugation; I have grammar block!”), although I guess then it would be called “grammarian’s block.”
Hey, some of these comics aren’t about grammar at all! What gives?
Yes, some are about semantics, writing, or language in general. I figured www.ComicVaguelyRelatedToTheEnglishLanguageAndGrammar.com was a little too long.
Aren’t you taking grammar a little too seriously?
Or are you taking this comic too seriously? Checkmate!