About the Comic:

The Grammar Block strives to teach a small lesson in each strip, or at least make a joke about the English language. When it can’t do that, it tries to kill a block somehow. Many of the strips contain a quiz. Answers will not be posted (see disclaimer), so it’s up to the readers to discuss them in the comments.

Each strip has an “embed” link below it so you can post the strip on forums after someone says something stupid makes a small error you’d like to politely correct. Hotlinking the comics is permitted and encouraged! I recommend hotlinking because I’m notorious for revising stuff after it’s published; a direct link will always show the newest version. Please provide a link back to this site if possible.

As you’ll see, many of the strips contain dark humor, and may not be suitable for kids. You can browse the site using the PG tag to filter out strips containing blood, swear words, sexual themes, and so on. You may still find some inappropriate, so please view them first and use your judgment. For instance, the very first strip contains a block dying from poison, but it’s so cartoony I still tagged it PG. You can subscribe to the PG-rated RSS feed to only receive the PG strips.

About the Author:

I’m not an English major, but I do love writing, and frequently correct people’s grammar and spelling. This comic is an outlet for all my pet peeves, and a way for me to have fun while learning more about writing and grammar. I’m bound to make mistakes, and I welcome corrections and discussions in the comments! Although this is a grammar site I write with a fairly relaxed tone, so please don’t throw a fit if I use slang and whatnot. The tagline of this site is meant to warn you not to take it too seriously. If there is a legitimate error in one of the comics, please let me know and I’ll correct it. Keep in mind that the dialogue may contain intentional errors.

By the way, I live in the United States so you’ll see punctuation inside quotation marks, “like this.” That’s just the way we do it here.

Currently I’m a freelance web designer. I used to be a professional yo-yoer (I co-founded a skill toy store), and I play lots of video games. I love writing and filmmaking but am too lazy to actually shoot much, which is why this comic is perfect for me; I can write little jokes and tell them visually, without a whole crew.