A Unique Joke


Hey kids, I'm unique! That means there's no one else like me! Therefore, it's incorrect to say something is 'so unique' or 'really unique.' That's right kids, because unique means incomparable, so when you-- THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

I definitely did not watch Highlander before making this strip.

You know how some words look really weird after you stare at them for a while? Unique is one of them, ironically*. YOO-NI-KWA…UN-EYE-KAY…I need some sleep. I should mention that although there are no¬†degrees of uniqueness, you can have more unique characteristics than something else. For instance, the blue X has one unique quality, but the pink X has three (pink, bold, and underlined): XXXXXXXXX. Somewhat relevant and interesting: are snowflakes actually unique?

When I told my girlfriend I made a panel with eleven characters that were the same, she said, “I’m sure they’d beg to differ.” :) Anyway, this really isn’t a word I correct people on. We all know what they mean, and it’s a pretty minor error.

* Ironic that it’s just like the rest. Someone call me out on the definition of ironic, I dare you.

Unique Quiz

Which ones are correct, if any? Post your answers in the comments!

  1. I love my skunk, but your wombat is more unique!
  2. Cloud Gate makes Chicago unique.
  3. I love Mitch Hedberg, he had such a unique brand of comedy.
  4. The most unique thing about George is that his car used to be owned by Jon Voight.
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