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38 Common Spelling and Grammar Errors (Mental Floss video)

A lot of stuff is covered in eight minutes! Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one who remembers that “led” is a word.

Requiem for Whom

I read a couple of interesting articles regarding whom. One is from The Atlantic:

For Whom the Bell Tolls — The inexorable decline of America‚Äôs least favorite pronoun

Be sure to read the comments, and watch the battle royal for grammatical supremacy! I really like this comment by Jed, though:

There are no fixed rules. The process resembles biological evolution: it never stops, it has no final goal or purpose, it is caused by random variation, and you cannot predict where it will lead.

While this could cause one to fall into apathy (because “it’s all random so who cares!”), I see it more as a call to adapt, like a bird with a big dumb beak. The second article is about the hypercorrection of whomever:

Whomever Horton hears in Whoville

So what do you think? Good riddance to whom? Or does it still serve a purpose?

“And I took my writing, and I threw it in the river, Dan.”

This is the greatest story I’ve ever heard, as told by Dan Harmon (creator of Community) on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. It’s a very long interview, but the story I’m talking about starts at 47 minutes and is only a couple minutes long. The embedded video should start playing right at the beginning of the story:

Could someone please help me pick my jaw up off the floor?